21st Century

21st Century Starter Kit
These actually tasted OK, the problem is when you buy this kit it is a three piece and I do not care for a tree piece kit. Why you say ? The three piece kit uses a battery, a cartridge and what is called an Atomizer. There are a lot of problems here. We will start with the atomizer, I have never had an atomizer last a whole month and then you have to buy a new one for $20.00. Out of the 5 cartridges you are lucky if 2 of them have juice the rest are dry. The battery dies after about 20 charges. I also bought 5 replacement cartridges and had the same problem only 2 or three in each pack was good. Then I ordered cartomizers from them. The 3 pack was pricey and they only lasted a short time. I recommend you stay as far away from these as you can. This product gets no stars.

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