No Flame E Cigarette Scam

No flame e cigarette scam .How many of you have fell victim to this company? Not only do they hurt the consumer they also make legit e cig businesses look bad. I promise we are not all like that. Here is an e cig scam, the brand is called No Flame and if you read my blog posts you already know the difference between a three piece and a two piece e cig. (the two piece is good the three piece is junk)  Here is their so called great offer

“Exclusive Offer Terms: By clicking confirm my order, you agree to be enrolled in the 14 day trial offer for $4.95 which is the cost of shipping, and after the trial expires, you agree that your card will be charged $99.67 for the Starter Kit. Your refill cartridges will recur at $69.67 plus shipping and handling every month from the time of initial purchase until you cancel.”

That sounds like a great deal but, things are not always what they seem.

” I can buy that same kit from any of my suppliers for under $5.00. That is not a typo I can buy it for less than $5.00 and they are selling it to consumers for $99.67 and trust me when I say that no one will ever answer the phone nor will they receive any cancellation from you. You will be stuck with it and on top of it all the cartridges that sell with it are not cartomizers they are actual cartridges that are the equal of 2 – 3 cigarettes. Not 2 – 3 packs of cigarettes 2 – 3 cigarettes they come 5 in a pack and they are going to send you 4 packs and bill your card $69.97

On top of it all the 14 day free trial starts when they package it up for delivery. So it will sit in the companies mail room for at least 1 day possibly 2 days. USPS is not known for their speed delivery, you figure 5 – 7 days for delivery. Best case you get it in 6 days that means you only have 8 days to try it. Worst case you have 5 days to try it

Whatever you do please do not fall victim to these scam artists

Here is the link to the scam.  Whatever you do do not give any information.
No Flame E cigarette scam Pg 1
After you get to the website scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Click on the fine print that says ” Terms, Conditions and Refund Policy ” Go to the second paragraph and you will find this statement.:


Upon placing your first order for the Product you will be enrolled in the Company’s Program. As a member in the Program, We will immediately send you a Starter Kit which includes one extended battery, one atomizer, usb charger, one pack of cartomizers and an instruction manual and all you pay for is shipping and handling at a rate of $4.95 (USD). In other words, upon enrollment in the Program, you authorize Company to charge your credit card $4.95 (USD). As a member in the Program, you have 14 days to try the Product (the .Trial Period.). Please note that delivery time is subtracted from your Trial Period, and will reduce the number of days allocated to your Trial Period. If the Product is not right for you, call 1-877-647-3625 during the Trial Period, as long as you return the product in accordance with the time limit described in Section 4, Company will not charge you another dollar. Otherwise, at the end of your Trial Period, as a member in the Program, your credit card will be charged $109.67 (USD) for the Product you already received. Then 30 days from your initial order of the Product (and every 30 days thereafter), you will be sent a new supply of the Product containing 2 packs of cartomizers, (A total of 10 cartomizers) and your credit card will be charged $69.62 (the .Monthly Fee.). Please note that Florida residents must add sales tax.


Stay away from ANY e cig company that offers a free trial.


So today I get a call from these scam artists and I gave Meagan an ear full. They had no clue that they were calling a legitimate e cigarette distributor. Right off the bat she starts selling me on why she needs my credit card, you would think that she would try to sell her product but she already knows that her product is junk. The kit that No Flame sells only costs $3.50. That is right they pay $3.50 for a kit and then they sell it to you for $100.00 because they will never answer the phone number that you need to cancel. I have tried to call it a few times and it is answered by an electronic switchboard and when it transfers you, you will be on hold until the call disconnects.

You should only purchase e cigarettes from Legitimate company’s that give you a way to talk to a real person. NEVER FALL FOR A FREE E CIGARETTE TRIAL SCAM!!!

Here is a link to Fleck Distributions e commerce sight.  or you can reach us toll free at 1-800-940-1061 . Sometimes you will get our answering service but leave a message and your number and someone will return your call.

25 Responses to No Flame E Cigarette Scam

  1. Well Iscamedthem says:

    lol, I gave them my credit card information and immediately (as soon as the charge of $4.95 went through)I told my bank I had lost it and so it was cancelled and they cannot charge me. Ha. But – I liked the cartomizer that came with their kit – so where do I get that cartomizer from, honestly though, with a real credit card number? I wonder who’s product they are using? Obviously I am not leaving my name, but maybe I can check back here and find out to see where they get their cartridges from and buy them from that company. Well Iscamedthem

    • David Fleck says:

      Great job, I don’t know why we never thought of that. We might be able to do that with prepaid credit cards (because the banks would catch on) That would be a great way to hurt these scam companies. I am sure that you have a lot of people cheering for you . You have done something that a lot of others wish they done. As far as I am concerned, we can call you an “E Cigarette Robin Hood” The only 3 piece kits that we sell are our ego line. I will do a little research and find out if any of our cartomizers will fit that battery and will post it here, we are going to be adding more cartomizers soon. In the mean time I want you to know that we are all clapping very loud for what you have done.
      Keep Vaping.

  2. monroe says:


    • David Fleck says:

      I have not had any luck trying to figure out what cartomizer they use. You might want to try The Magic Mist. They carry many different styles of Cartomizers. I am pretty sure they have both Smoke 51 and Smoke 51 trio. Here is a link to their page. Good Luck and I hope they can help.

  3. Sherrie Crossman says:

    Check reviews carefully before buying from this company. They have quite the scamming game going on. They offer you a free trial and in 14 days they charge you $99.67. With the E cigarette you also get a guarantee to have your money refunded within 30 days which they do not honer. My concern with the cigarette was the health warnings and the girl I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about. They refused to refund the entire $99.67 to me they only offered me $59.72 sad but true…………..

    • David Fleck says:

      I wish that you would have read my post sooner. Companies like that give all of us a bad reputation. I want you to know that we are not all that way. We are members in two great organizations that all of you may find interesting. The first one is T.V.E.C.A. (Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association) Their website is and CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association) and that website is . Casaa is free to join. T.V.E.C.A. has a lot of great information on their site as well. Good Luck and please don’t let one bad apple ruin it for you. Keep Vaping.

  4. Ed Vicheck says:

    I found that Blu cartomizers fit the No Flame battery.

  5. Ed Vicheck says:

    I have and still use E-Smoke, Blu, and Njoy. My wife bought the No Flame 4.95 promotion and after I read your blog we canceled. I hope they go through and cancel. They said we owe them nothing. They did say if we stay they will charge us 15.99 for the starter kit, and every month send us 2 packs of 5 cartomizers. I will see if they cancel us like we want. Keep up the good work on the blog. I am glad I came across it. You saved me money.

    • David Fleck says:

      That company has scammed many people. I recommend that you call your bank tell them that you lost your card and get a new one. Most banks will issue a one time use card number to you specifically to use on line. Any time I do business with a new business I call the bank tell them the exact amount that I need and they issue a one time use number for that exact amount.

      Please be cautious when shopping on line. Use a virtual keyboard for any transactions you make on line because if you have keystroke malware in your PC it will give the hacker any keystrokes that you type, but a key logger can not record keystrokes from a virtual keyboard.

  6. Debbie says:

    I tried the 14 day trail and then was charged $99.67, when I was told it was going to be $79.67. My husband did the trail and was charged $109.67. When asked what the different was they could not explain. After a lot of yelling they agreed to refund us both $40.00. I have filed with Better Business Bureau, I have posted on Ripoff and now here. These scammers need to be stopped. The cigarettes tasted like dirt.

    • David Fleck says:

      You are doing the right thing. Post it on your Facebook, Twitter and whatever social networking that you use. I wish that more people would do the research on these scam artists. They are giving the honest e cig companies a bad name.

      I would not get my hopes up that they will send the $40.00 either. Everyone needs to remember that NOTHING in this world is free. If a deal looks to good to be true that means it probably is not true. The worst part about this is, the kits that they are sending you only cost them about $5.00.

      I advise everyone to join an organization called CASAA, ( Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Associates). It is free to join and they will help you get the word out.
      On behalf of all of the legitimate hardworking e cigarette businesses I apologize for the scam companies and I hope you will give a legitimate company a chance.

  7. Thomas Bent says:

    I had no problem, but now I will check my credit card report.

    • David Fleck says:

      I just don’t understand why everyone finds websites like mine after the fact. My advice is keep a very close eye on your next few statements. If they don’t rip you off that will be a first.

  8. e cig smoker says:

    saw the 4.95 offer on line after paying 10 bucks a shot for disposable blu which i like.. Had a visa prepaid gift card in my desk with like 8 bucks left on it so i figureed .. what the heck! after about a week i recieved the starter kit which included usb charger 5 pack of atomizors and the battery part with no flame case. it came precharged and i liked the taste, and the vapor was thicker than the blu cig dispsable. I’ve been using the same atomixor for 5 days now and vapor is still thick.. the charge lasted about 3 days too before needing charging again,,.. found this blog, but kinda figureed it was a scam,, i called the contact # and did speak (twice ,, same oprerator) to a rep who informed me when my trial period is up my card would be charged 100+ dollars.. after i squabbled she said she could do it for 35,, after more haggling it went down to 24… with replacedment cartriges for a recurring charge of 39.99 a montth ,, i told her ok i want the kit but cancel my trial… i asked her what card would be charged she said the one i originally orderd from. ok.. they r gooing to have a hard time getting the payment from the 3 dollars left on the card.. i guess i got the starter kit for around 8 bucks then because thats all that was left on the prepaid card,,, ty

    • David Fleck says:

      You said ” i asked her what card would be charged ” Did you give them a second card number or is the gift card the only card ?

      As long as the gift card is the only card number that you gave them, you are safe. With that said. Great job !!! I always love to hear it when the customer scams that company before they scam the customer.

  9. e cig smoker says:

    hello david, yes the only card # gave them was the visa vanilla gift card with approx 8 bucks on it.. thats why i decided to take the risk…i actually cancelled my order today and they sent me an email confirming that i will be \ charged 24.00 for the kit. ..i asked what card they were charging and they said the original card that i made purchase with whew.. lol.. i may order another for my friend,,, yaaaaaaay. now i know from this site that the blu cartriges fit too ,, im happy..

    e cig smoker

    • David Fleck says:

      I think everyone that reads this blog should go buy a gift card and put some money on it and burn these companies that scam everyone else. Lets see how they like loosing money. The thing is you will only be able to use your name and address one time. I think that I might just see how many people we can get to do this. I will post it in a few of the forum’s that I belong to. The main forum is called Nu-Vapor. If anyone wants to join here is the link and my screen name is

  10. me says:

    Lol I beat them too got the kit with a prepaid visa they can try to get the rest of that money I spent it all xD nice kit tho for 5 bucks :)

    • David Fleck says:

      I know just a few of us doing this is not hurting them but it sure makes me feel good. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who fall for these scams. Now what everyone needs to do is Google free trial e cigarettes, there are a ton of these free trial scams out there. I think we all know what to do next. Great Job. :)

  11. Very Peeved Wife says:

    I ordered this because our neighbor has one and he said it tastes just like a cigarette. He gave me the promotional code for the $4.95 shipping and the free starter kit. I just read this and still haven’t received the starter kit. I tried calling the number provided in the e-mail they sent me with the order confirmation; no luck; sat on the phone for over twenty minutes listening to really gross music. gave up trying to reach them and called my bank immediately and cancelled my debit card and told them i had been hit by a scam. They didn’t even ask any questions and cancelled my card and I’ll be getting a new one by the end of the month. I want my husband to stop smoking and thought this would be great because I have been through a life saving transplant and can’t be around people who are smoking. Now I’m going to where my neighbor works and telling him. I’m very ticked off and really didn’t want to jump through hoops and get charged for something i don’t even have yet. Be careful!!!! Now I’m going to try and find an e-cig for my husband. thank you all for posting here; i only wish I had seen this before!

  12. Cathy says:

    I purchased the No-Flame E-Cigarette trial kit for on $4.95 and this was the only charge posted against my credit card from the company. I am concerned about this high level of criticism about e-cigarettes because they seem so ideal for the smoker who is making a strong commitment to reduce dependency on nicotine, related to stress, through behavioral changes.

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